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English Convertation

In a Hospital

*      Rina is getting ill and she needs to see a doctor
Receptionist    : “Good morning, can I help you?”
Rina                 : “Good morning. Can I see a physician specialist in.”
Receptionist    : “Yes, of crouse. The doctor is having a practive time now. Please fulfill  this from.”
Rina                 : “Here you are?”
Receptionist    : “Thank you. Now, please wait for your turn.”
Rina                 : “Ok, thank you.”
Receptionist    : “You are welcome.”

*      In the Doctor’s room
Rina                 : “(Knock! Knock! Knock!)”
Doctor             : “Come in. Sit down pleace. Whait’s your problem miss?”
Rina                 : “During the last some days I was not well enough. I got tired easily and my heart was hurt.”
Doctor             : “Let me check you. Please lay down on this bed. I think you have a symptom of heart attack to make it sure we need a laboratory test, you can wait for a while because the laboratory is not full.
Rina                 : “Ok, I wiil wait for the result.”

*      2 hours later
Doctor             : “I’m already get the result. Let’s go back to my room.”

*      In the Doctor’s room
Doctor             : “According to test result you do have vessels symptoms of blockage in heart. It’s dangerous, but because you check your symptom earlier you have a big chance to get well. So, don’t worry. I will give you a prescription. After this you can go to the drugstore and you can pay the administration cost in the receptionist. Any question so for?”
Rina                 : “ Thanks, Doc.”
Doctor             : “You are welcome.”

*      Rina heading to medicine store
Rina                 : “I want to take a medicine. This is prescription for you.”
Pharmacists     : “Ok. Wait for minute. I will take it. This is the medicine.”
Rina                 : “Ok. Thank you.”

*      Rina haeding to receptionist room
Rina                 : “I want to pay for this medicine.”
Receptionist    : “Ok it is Rp 800.000.”
Rina                 : “Here you are, please account it.”
Receptionist    : “Ok. Thank you. I hope you will get better soon.”

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