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Geograpy Question and Answer


  1. Decribe the mainland relief!
    • Answer :

  1. Identtify three endogenous power!
    • Answer :
1). Volcanism
Volcanism of events in connection with the rising magma from deep within the earth. Magma is a mixture of rocks in the liquid state, as well as very hot clay that is in the bowels of the earth. Symptoms of magma volcanism started going through the continental plate on it through a crack or cracks or faults and volcanoes formed.
2).  Seisme (earthquake)
An earthquake is the vibration of the earth's crust caused by forces from within the earth. When the pile of energy in areas such penujaman large, energy will be able to shake or vibrate the continental shelf and the oceanic plate in the vicinity. Wobble or vibration is called an earthquake.
3). Tektonisme
Tektonisme is a process that occurs due to the movement, removal, folds and faults in the structure of the soil in an area.
Symptoms tektonisme starting from the upward pressure of the magma, plate motion, and the energy collected will be able to suppress the layers of the earth so that there is a change or shift the location of the earth's crust. As a result, the earth's crust can be curved (called folds) or broken (known fault).

  1. Decribe the three types of earthquake based on the occurrence!
    • Answer :
1)      Volcanic earthquake
The earthquake caused by volcanoes eruption. Earthquake is only felt by people around the erupting mountain. The occurrence of a result of magma activity, which usually occurs before the volcano erupted.
2)      Tectonic earthquake
The earthquake that occurs when the earth’s crust. The drift of earth’s crust causes tremors. The regions around subduction zones (near oceanic plate subduction slipping down the continental plate).
3)      Collapse earthquake
The earthquake caused by the collapse of limestone caves and landslides.

  1. Expalin the signs of erupting volcano!
    • Answer :
1)      Such as increasing temperature around the crater.
2)      Many water sources around the mountain were dried
3)      Volcanic earthquake frequently occurs
4)      The roar voice often heard from inside of the mountain.
5)      Many animals go down the mountain slope.

  1. What is the impact of exogenous power!
    • Answer :
1)      Earth relief is various such as lowland, hills, mountain range, plateau, and also high and snowy mountains.
2)      Lowlands on the tropical coast like in Indonesia, it is very ideal for aquaculture, such as brackish water pond, sea fishery, and seaweed.
3)      There are many fertile agricultural areas in the lowlands all around the world. Those places created high culture and civilization.
4)      In the mountainous and plateau areas whose very fres air are very ideal for business of various ornamental plants, fruits, and vegetables.

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